Heating up Inside the Sunbeam Electric Blanket

I have been a fan of electric blankets New Price: Old Price: You Save: for a long, long time. I remember using them ever since I was young; I wasn't even married yet! By that time, although I always was very delicate to cold, there were times when I could do without an electric blanket.

Nowadays, as years have passed and as I am approaching to an older age, I would prefer eating nothing all day rather than sleeping without my Sunbeam electric blanket New Price: Old Price: You Save: !

Yes, I'm both shy and proud to admit it but the truth is that I am addicted to my electric blanket!

Sunbeam electric blanket has a very special feature; it is equipped with special sensors that will detect cold parts of your body and will instruct the blanket to heat them immediately!

The blanket heats up very fast. Most of the times it will only take a few minutes for you to start feeling warmer than little birds inside their nest! Honestly, Sunbeam electric blanket will warm up a lot faster than you might have been used to with other electric blankets.

The blanket has a soft, extremely friendly, 100% acrylic fabric surface. I bought it in a light, white coloring but you can find it in just about any coloring scheme you would imagine.

One important advantage of this blanket is that you will not feel any wires/elements inside it. Sunbeam electric blanket feels almost exactly like a normal, everyday blanket does. This is achieved through what the manufacturer has named "ThermoFine Warming New Price: Old Price: You Save: " technology. Being a simple citizen that I am, I can't really tell you much about how this technology works; what I can tell you however, is that it is really, really effective!

Some final notes now; the blanket comes with a 5 year guarantee and it has passed all the safety checks of course. For a large blanket, you will pay something close to 80 bucks; you can always get smaller sizes for less money. If you want to clean your blanket, there's nothing special you need to do; just clean it like you would clean any other blanket.

I would rate the Sunbeam electric blanket New Price: Old Price: You Save: with a full 10/10. No, I'm not an easy to satisfy customer; the truth is that I am very demanding. In the case of Sunbeam electric blanket, I simply believe that this product is more than satisfy

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