Electric Blankets Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

Some say that using a heated blanket can help a homeowner save significant costs on his or her energy bills during the fall and winter seasons. However, in order for this to truly occur, it is very important that a person chooses the right kind of blanket that will allow him or her to sleep comfortably when using the blanket.

Some of the ways a person can ensure that he or she is buying the right blanket is to remember these things:

o How will the blanket be used - Some electric blankets are used to place on top of a person while he or she is lying in bed, however, others choose to use these blankets by lying on top of them. Other electric blankets are used more to help people improve their circulation as they are in bed.
There are blankets that are able to cater to each of these needs, however a person must first determine what his or her exact needs are first before any type of a blanket that is heated is purchased.

o How many are needed - If a person is attempting to save money on heating bills, he or she must remember that these blankets need to be purchased for each bed in the home. Not doing so will leave some family members cold while others are comfortable.

There are also different types needed. For example, teenagers or adults might be best off getting blankets that allow them to adjust the settings. On the other hand, small children should probably get blankets with only one setting in order to keep them from messing with the dial and accidentally turning the heat up too high or turning it down too low.

o What about health - For some people, a heated blanket is a perfect remedy to his or her health woes, however this is not true for everybody. Infants or toddlers should not typically use these kinds of blankets. Likewise, a person who has sensitive skin might not be a good candidate for using blankets like

o Compatibility - A person who owns a water bed should not use blankets that are heated. These types of beds often have their own heat setting that can be adjusted without the need of electric blankets. Likewise, people who stay in rooms that tend to stay warmer than the rest of the house may want to avoid using these blankets.

o Dual settings - If a couple plans to use one blanket, perhaps it would be best to buy a blanket that has dual settings on it. Dual settings allow the husband to set his side to a certain temperature, while the wife can set her side to another temperature.

In some cases, it might even be best to allow the husband and the wife to have different blankets if the settings on which the blanket will be set are drastically different. This is especially true if one spouse wants to use a heated blanket while the other does not want to because he or she has health issues that preclude him or her from doing so.

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