Selecting a Heated Blanket - Buying Tips

For years people around the world have been enjoying the warmth and comfort that a heated blanket provides them. These days there are many styles and brands available on the market and you are sure to find one best suited to you. So get ready to keep yourself extra warm on those cold winter nights […]

Sunbeam Electric Blankets - The Innovative Leader

Over the last few years there have been major advances in the technology that is used in the production of electric blankets, and while there are dozens of companies that offer a wide selection of these heating gadgets, are still the leader among them. You will find that by purchasing a Sunbeam blankets, you are […]

Electric Blankets Can Help Reduce Energy Costs

Some say that using a heated blanket can help a homeowner save significant costs on his or her energy bills during the fall and winter seasons. However, in order for this to truly occur, it is very important that a person chooses the right kind of blanket that will allow him or her to sleep […]

Electric Blanket Safety

Many people use an electric blanket in the wintertime in an effort to combat the cold night air. Although these blankets can be pleasant, they also have the potential to be dangerous. Hundreds of fires each year are started thanks to the faulty construction or improper use of one of these blankets. Despite this, these […]